The main areas of activities

1. Asset finding and tracing area.

National Agency is responsible for finding (activity aimed at establishing the fact of existence) and tracing (activity aimed at determination the location) of assets – property that are subject to seizure in criminal proceedings.

National Agency is entitled to support criminal investigation cases by means of:

- taking measures on tracing and finding of assets upon requests of the investigators, detectives, pre-trial investigation authorities, prosecutor's office and courts and cooperate with such authorities for the purpose of seizure and confiscation of such assets;

- ensuring pre-MLA international cooperation with relevant authorities of foreign states, international organizations  dealing in this sphere by taking measures on tracing and finding of assets as well as requesting them on asset finding and tracing activities;

- filing claims with a court to find invalid regulatory legal acts and individual decisions, contracts issued/made in violation of the requirements and limitations set forth in legislation;

- taking part in representation of the State of Ukraine in foreign jurisdictional bodies in cases related to return of assets derived from corruption and other crimes.


2. Asset Management area.

Executing court decisions, National Agency is entitled for management of assets seized or confiscated in criminal proceedings in order to preserve or maintain economic value of the assets by:

- transferring into management using asset management agreement;

- disposal – sale with further cash disposal in state banking system temporary – till the end of the criminal proceedings.


3. State policy development area.

National Agency is authorized to formulate and implement state policy in the sphere of tracing, finding and management of assets by:

- drafting proposals for formulation and implementation of the state policy (draft laws, bylaws, binding regulatory legal acts of the Agency);

- concluding multi-agency international agreements on cooperation with authorities of foreign states the competence of which includes the issues concerning finding, tracing and management of assets derived from corruption and other crimes;

- providing clarifications, methodological and advisory assistance to investigators, detectives, prosecutors and judges with regard to the issues of finding, tracing, evaluation and management of assets;

- developing and keeping of the Unified State Register of Assets Seized in Criminal Proceedings, which shall contain, for instance, information on assets, which have been seized in criminal proceedings, court decision on seizure and/or cancellation of seizure, number of criminal proceedings in the Unified Register of Pre-Trial Investigations and other relevant information.