One of the main activities of the National agency is to ensure cooperation with international, intergovernmental organizations, networks in the framework  of detection, investigation and management of assets, exchange of experience and information on issues related to the identification, tracing and asset management.

Mentioned  cooperation and institutional capacity of the National Agency are supported by international technical assistance programms, international organizations and EU institutions.

National Agency appreciate our international partners for assistance and grateful for the constructive cooperation:

EU Anti-Corruption initiative in Ukraine  

The EU "anti-corruption initiative for  Ukraine" is implemented by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark for the period 2017-2019 years.

 The program aims to:

  • capacity  strengthening  of public authorities responsible for combating corruption such as  National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine, anticorruption prosecutor's office, National Agency for Prevention of Corruption, National Agency of Ukraine for Identifying, Tracing and Management of Assets Derived from Corruption and Other Crimes and other institutions of justice;
  • improving parliamentary control over the process of implementing reforms and opportunities of the Parliament of Ukraine  to analyze and improve the strategic and regulatory framework through the establishment of  International Advisory Board of the Parliamentary Committee on preventing and combating corruption.

OECD Anti-Corruption Project for Ukraine                                      

In November 2014 in line with the Memorandum of Understanding between the OECD and Ukraine, the OECD launched a country-specific project to support Ukraine in its anti-corruption agenda.

The project aims to strengthen legal and institutional capacity to effectively detect, investigate and prosecute high-profile and complex corruption in Ukraine. Specifically:

  • to develop a joint training programme on selected aspects of detection, investigation, prosecution and adjudication of complex corruption cases, including financial investigations, for law enforcement and judicial bodies;
  • to help guide Ukraine towards a closer compliance with OECD standards on foreign bribery with the focus on liability of legal persons for corruption offences, confiscation, international cooperation and asset recovery.

European Union Advisory Mission (EUAM)                                                        

EUAM Ukraine aims to assist the Ukrainian authorities towards a sustainable reform of the civilian security sector through strategic advice and hands-on support for specific reform measures based on EU standards and international principles of good governance and human rights.

Cooperation is implemented according to three pillars of activity:

  • strategic advice on civilian security sector reform, in particular the need to develop civilian security strategies;
  • support for the implementation of reforms, through the delivery of hands-on advice, training and other projects;
  • cooperation and coordination, to ensure that reform efforts are coordinated with Ukrainian and international actors.

Council of Europe / European Union Eastern Partnership Programmatic Cooperation Framework (PCF) Programme “Fight against corruption in Ukraine”                                                              

European Union and Council of Europe support Ukraine in the sphere of fighting against corruption under Joint Project of Easternship Partnership Programmatic Cooperation Framework "Fight against corrution in Ukraine", which starts in January 2015 and will be implemented till end of December 2017. 

Implementation of the Project is carried out by Division on fighting economic crime and international cooperation of the Council of Europe.

The project looks on strengthen institutional capacities to counter corruption in Ukraine in accordance with European standards, through targeted technical assistance.

Among the priority areas of the Project:

  • improvement of the legal framework in line with relevant international standards;
  • support capacity building for the return of assets and asset management.

The Expert Deployment for Governance and Economic Growth (EDGE)

The Expert Deployment for Governance and Economic Growth (EDGE) Project is helping Ukraine move towards a democratic and prosperous society by advancing citizen-centered democracy and promoting sustainable economic growth. EDGE responds to critical needs of the Ukrainian government, at the national and regional level, in planning, implementing and communicating about governance and economic growth reforms.

Projects main directions:

  • plans reform;
  • implements reform;
  • communicate reform.

EDGE is implemented by Agriteam Canada Consulting and funded by Global Affairs Canada.