Camden Assets Recovery Interagency Network

CARIN is an informal network of law enforcement and judicial practitioners, specialist in the field of asset tracing, freezing, seizure and confiscation. It is an interagency network. Each member state is represented by a law enforcement officer and a judicial expert (prosecutor, investigating judge, etc. depending on the legal system).

The purpose of CARIN is to increase the effectiveness of its members' efforts, on a multi-agency basis, to deprive criminals of their illicit profits.

CARIN currently has 54 registered member jurisdictions, including 28 EU Member States and nine international organisations. It is also linked to the other five regional asset recovery inter-agency networks (ARINs) across the globe.

CARIN's key objectives are to:

  • establish a network of contact points;
  • focus on the proceeds of all crimes, within the scope of international obligations;
  • establish itself as a centre of expertise on all aspects of tackling the proceeds of crime;
  • promote the exchange of information and good practice;
  • undertake to make recommendations to bodies such as the European Commission and the Council of the European Union, relating to all aspects of tackling the proceeds of crime;
  • act as an advisory group to other appropriate authorities;
  • facilitate, where possible, training in all aspects of tackling the proceeds of crime;
  • emphasize the importance of cooperation with the private sector in achieving its aim; and
  • encourage members to establish national asset recovery offices.