Strategic goals

Tasks for year 2017:

  • institutional and operational capacity building of the National Agency to perform key functions of asset recovery and asset management,
  • organizational setting-up, recruiting of professional staff and equipping with necessary working places,
  • development and adoption of regulatory framework,
  • ensuring of development of State Register of assets seized in criminal proceedings. 

Medium-term objectives for years 2018-2020

  • providing effective detection of assets illicitly withdrawn from Ukraine, cooperation with the Office of Prosecutor General of Ukraine, the National Anti-Corruption Bureau and other law-enforcement agencies, similar ARO/AMO offices, specialized international organizations;
  • formulation and implementation of state policy in finding and tracing of assets to be seized in criminal proceedings and / or management of assets seized or confiscated in criminal proceedings.

Tasks to implement medium-term objectives:

  • institutional and functional capacities building of the National Agency for finding, tracing and management of assets derived from corruption and other crimes, including the creation of State Register of assets to implements state policy of seizure, confiscation and asset management (2017-2018)
  • introduction of asset management system and preservation of assets value in favor of state (2017-2019);
  • ensuring cooperation with international organizations and ARO/AMO offices to collect information, evidence and assets tracking in Ukraine and abroad, as well as their returning (2017-2018);
  • further improvement of legislation to implement:
    • the requirements of UNCAC, FATF;
    • best practices in the field of finding and tracing of assets to be seized in criminal proceedings, and management of assets seized in criminal proceedings;
    • tools preventing the loss of assets be seized in criminal proceedings,
    • instruments of enforcement of illegal and unjustified assets in favor of state,
  • effective communication with mass media and the public about ARMA’s achievements and challenges (2017-2020).


According to the Medium-term Government Programme till year 2020, approved by Order of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine dated 3 of April, 2017, #275-r)