ARMA has presented the List of seized assets

On March 19, the presentation of the List of seized assets, transferred into ARMA`s management (hereinafter - the List) was held.

During the presentation, the Head of the Agency Anton Yanchuk emphasized that the online-document contains an exhaustive list of seized movable and immovable property, integral property complexes, vehicles, cash and other types of seized assets transferred by the courts into ARMA`s management.

 «We feel great public attention to what kind of assets are transferred into ARMA’s management, therefore, we publish this List. This is one more step towards the Agency's transparent work, said Anton Yanchuk. - The document is already available for analysis and downloading from the official website of the Agency. It will be updated monthly».

The Head of the Agency also spoke about the possibilities for analysing the List by type of assets, its current management status, description, location region and the reasons for its transfer into management.

According to him, the main goal of the List is to motivate the business to cooperate with ARMA, to encourage law enforcement agencies and owners of assets, seized in criminal proceedings to transfer them into the Agency’s management, as well as to demonstrate the transparent management by ARMA of seized assets and to prevent the dissemination of inaccurate information about the Agency.

Glib Kanevsky, the Head of the Public Council under ARMA, noted that the publication of the List is another confirmation of the Agency's transparent activities.

«Now, any active citizen, without leaving home, will be able to see what assets ARMA manages », – he said during the presentation.

For her part, Kateryna Ryzhenko, a legal advisor to “Transparency International Ukraine”, stressed that transparency and accountability are crucial for bodies of anticorruption ecosystem, especially when it comes to sensitive assets of influential officials or business representatives.

"Thanks to the release of the List of Seized Assets, the activity of ARMA becomes more understandable. We hope that these open data will improve the interaction between ARMA and business, journalists and society", - said Kateryna Ryzhenko.

The List can be download from the official website of the Agency in the section "Seized Assets Management".

The List of seized assets, transferred into ARMA`s management as of 15.03.2019 (infographics).