Successful example of international cooperation

ARMA exercises authority on finding and tracing of assets derived from corruption and other crimes on the request of an investigator, detective, prosecutor or court (investigative judge) and relevant foreign authorities.

Recently, ARMA has received a request from the law enforcement agency concerning the issue of finding and tracing of assets during pre-trial investigation in a criminal proceeding related to a corruption.

For the purpose of finding (activity aimed at establishing the fact of existence) and tracing (activity aimed at determining the location) of assets - property that may be seized in a criminal proceeding, employees of the Asset Recovery Department of ARMA have monitored international databases open and closed for public access. Using the possibilities of accessing information through the Camden Inter-Agency Asset Recovery Network (CARIN) and INTERPOL, ARMA has found assets, namely: cars, land plots, real estate, sea and air transport in the territory of Scotland, Estonia, Latvia and other countries.

The information obtained as a result of asset finding and tracing activities was sent to the law enforcement agency.

In general, within the framework of international cooperation, since the beginning of the year, ARMA has sent 62 requests to authorized foreign authorities regarding the finding and tracing of assets, and 6 requests were received by ARMA.

According to the Special Law, within the framework of implementation of the function of finding and tracing of assets, ARMA carries out international cooperation with the relevant authorities of foreign states, as well as international, intergovernmental organizations, networks, the operation of which is aimed at ensuring international cooperation in the field of finding, tracing and management of assets.

At present, ARMA is authorized as an official contact point of Ukraine in global networks for cross-border data exchange on assets for the purpose of their search and seizure:

  • Camden Assets Recovery Inter-Agency Network (CARIN)
  • Interpol Global Focal Point Network for Asset Recovery
  • And is a partner of the Stolen Asset Recovery (StAR) Initiative

In addition, ARMA is a partner of the EU asset recovery offices' platform and sub-group on asset management within the Platform, which enables cooperation with relevant asset recovery offices of EU on the basis of the principle of reciprocity.